Telescopic slides

Telescopic slides

Sale of telescopic slides

Telescopic slides are used, in particular, in situations where the technical characteristics are more important with respect to the aesthetic aspects of the product, and it is for this very reason that telescopic slides are widely used in the mechanical industry.
Moreover, although to a lesser extent, telescopic slides are often utilised in the wood and furniture industries.
In order to simplify the identification of the product, we have categorised telescopic slides into two different types:

  • Single extension telescopic slides
  • Full extension telescopic slides
Telescopic slides can be equipped with various devices designed to offer different features including:

  • Self closing telescopic slides
  • Soft self closing telescopic slides
  • Push or “push and rebound” telescopic slides
  • Lock-in telescopic slides
  • Lock-out telescopic slides
  • Lock-in and lock-out telescopic slides
  • Soft lock-in telescopic slides

Using our e-commerce site, you can shop from the comfort of your home, selecting the type of slides best suited to your needs.

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